TAIWAN COMICS in Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Zuo Hsuan



Design student Zuo Hsuan has already become well-known as a cover illustrator for works of light fiction. Her first published manga, Rites of Returning, won her the Bronze Award of the 2015 International Manga Award in Japan. She has represented Taiwan at the 2017 Angoulême International Comics Festival and Frankfurt Book Fair.


Rites of Returning

Cover of the comic La terra degli dei Cover of the comic La terra degli dei

In a piece of good luck, college student Chen Nuan-Nuan ends up paired with her crush, the indifferent but handsome Hsia Chih-Hsun, on a summer research project for her sociology professor. The two are tasked to research religious practices among indigenous cultures – but whose? The usually quiet Hsia suggests they research the indigenous community in Daxi.

At their arrival, Nuan-Nuan discovers that this isn’t just a research trip for Hsia – it’s a return home, a trip he hasn’t made in seven years. The two of them conduct research during the build-up to the summer’s Temple Fair, the community’s most important festival, as Hsia tries uncomfortably to untangle the knot of his family’s past.

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