TAIWAN COMICS in Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Chang Sheng



Born in 1968. CHANG Sheng decided to devote himself to the creation of manga when 35-year-old. He is good at interpreting sci-fi and fantasy themes in a realistic style.


《BABY.》was awarded the Golden Comic Award for Best Comic and Best Shonen Manga (Rights Sold: Japanese).
《OLDMAN》was awarded The 6th Japan International Manga Award for Bronze Award (Rights Sold: French, Korean, English).
《OLDMAN》Golden Comic Award for Best Shonen Manga.
《The Hidden Level》was awarded the Kyoto International Manga Awards for Grand Prize (Rights Sold: Korean).
《The Hidden Level》Golden Comic Award for Best Shonen Manga.



Cover of the comic Yan Cover of the comic Yan

Thirty years ago, the young Peking Opera performer Yan Tieh-hua was wrongly convicted of the murder of her own family and sent to prison. Twenty years later she died while still incarcerated. Yet, today, this same woman has mysteriously returned as a superpowered teen in Peking Opera costume, determined to avenge the massacre of her family.

The officer who originally handled Yan Tieh-hua’s case is called back to active duty to deal with her reappearance, but the deeper he digs, the more he finds that nothing is as it seems. Complicating matters is a teenage chess prodigy with the ability to see five minutes into the future who joins Yan Tieh-hua’s crusade. What is the truth at the heart of the Yan family massacre? And what is the mysterious power that enabled Yan Tieh-hua’s return from the dead?

* Italian Rights Sold (Edizioni IF)